Pro-Be-Con GmbH

Magdeburg office
Otto-von-Guericke Str. 50
39104 Magdeburg
+49 (0) 391/ 50 55 83 08






We support you according to your needs


Pro-Be-Con is responsible for the targeted selection of experts and manages the entire contractual design and organisation of the professional service to be provided as well as the related commercial transactions. Pro-Be-Con records your needs and arranges in a targeted manner for the appropriate experts to fulfil your requirements. We present you with our proposal in the form of an experience overview provided by our expert. You decide whether you accept our proposal.


Together with you, our experts and us, we will work on the technical tasks forming the the basis of the contractual provisions.
Pro-Be-Con is your contact for the entire term of the contract. It is our responsibility to make sure that the performance is provided in line with the terms of the contract and according to your requirements and properly dealt with commercially.


Pro-Be-Con provides its services worldwide. The languages used in communication are German and English. In addition, we also provide translation services as needed.